HPC to Present Resolution on Racial and Social Equity

San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission’s resolution on racial and social equity is coming before the Planning Commission on July 15th, at 12:30 pm.  They have asked for our support.  Please send comments by email and speak (remotely) at the hearing if you like.

The resolution acknowledges the most recent instance of violence inflicted on the Black community through the murder of George Floyd, and  calls for centering the Historic Preservation’s work program and resources on racial and social equity. You can read the resolution in its entirety here 

If you feel led to share your experience, knowledge, and guidance, please participate in the hearing, or send written comments to the Commission as detailed below.

Hearing is next Wednesday, July 15th beginning at 12:30 p.m.   You can listen to the broadcast live at https://sfgovtv.org/planning or Cable Channel 78, or watch it on replay at https://sfgovtv.org. 

The Commission strongly encourages interested parties to submit their comments in advance of the hearing, via email to commissions.secretary@sfgov.org.   There is also a public comment toll-free number, (888) 273-3658 / access code: 3107452 .

More information on and the contact information for the Historic Preservation Commissioners can be found at https://sfplanning.org/historic-preservation-commission.  For questions or comments, please contact CPC.equity@sfgov.org,  Shelley.Caltagirone@sfgov.org, Claudia.Flores@sfgov.org or call 415-558-6473.   For more information about the Planning Department’s Racial and Social Equity work, please visit their website at: https://sfplanning.org/project/racial-and-social-equity-initiative.