Commemorative Sidewalk Plaques Project Moves Forward

An important part of our work is helping residents, workers and visitors appreciate the history and culture of the District’s buildings and streets.

We are working on a project to install bronze plaques at key historic locations around SoMa, in cooperation with the SF Arts Commission, Public Works, the SFMTA, and with funding provided by local developers.  You can read about it in the September 2020 Bay Area Reporter article, easily viewable here.

Resolution authorizing the plaques has now been unanimously approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (as reported in this article  from the Bay Area Reporter).

Additional design reviews and approvals are still required.  Your presence and comments (via Zoom, or by email in advance) will be much appreciated.  Please consider signing up for our SOMA Action Network so we can let you know when we need that help. 

If all goes well, the first plaques should be installed as part of the Department of Public Works’ upgrade to Folsom Street, hopefully starting later this year.

Meanwhile, we invite you to view this presentation about the plaque project.  

View Presentation (PDF file)