Decorate The Streets

The Arts and Culture Committee of the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District is very invested in the murals and public art visible throughout our special, South of Market neighborhood.   

We want to do more to help support our artists and enhance the beauty and culture of the District.  Accordingly, we have created and funded a program to help decorate any boarded up windows in our District, and have budgeted additional funds in the coming year to support major mural projects.

We believe that public art contributes to the character and vitality of a neighborhood, and we are hopeful that this program, while employing artists within our community and helping to support local businesses, will help to improve the look of our streets and reflect our community‚Äôs positive outlook and our commitment to the future of our neighborhood. 

If you own or manage a building within the District with a wall that could support artwork of any kind, please get in touch with us at or click on the link below  

We have a small roster of local community artists whose work you can review, or we can help you select another artist, and provide both a cash stipend to the artist and some financial reimbursement for supplies and materials.   

If you are interested in this and would like to get started:

I Want a Mural on My Building

I Want to Create a Mural

Another options for businesses in the Cultural District:

I Want Artwork Displayed in my Storefront

To see and learn about some of the existing (or recently removed) murals in our neighborhood, click here