Little Shop of Whores

In 2020-2021, the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District produced a free online educational program:
Little Shop of Whores – Learning From the Pros
A kink + BDSM workshop series

Presented By The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District & Curated by Maxine Holloway

Are you ready to take your BDSM and kink to the next level?

The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District brings you a unique monthly workshop series: Little Shop of Whores – Learning From the Pros. The District is partnering with talented Bay Area sex workers to bring you professional level skillsets and expertise in an exciting 90-min Zoom class. These workshops are all newbie-friendly and great for seasoned players to expand on what they already know.

By registering for these workshops, you will be supporting your local sex workers, meeting other kinky folks, and learning some new tricks and tips to take back to your own play.

Classes are free and open to the public. Donations to our facilitators during the class are welcome and encouraged.

Pre-registration is required. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Here are videos of the last three sessions:

January 7: Sewing it All Up: The Thread of Dominance and submission in Play and Life

So you’ve got a scene planned out and it sounds sexy and exciting! How do you delineate the start, and once started, how do you KEEP IT GOING with heat, levity, and intimacy? And finally, how do you find closure in a way that’s not abrupt, vague, or simply bad?

“I can’t give you all the answers, but through creativity and 25 years of experience, I can give you tips on developing a BDSM scene from start to finish and help you illuminate and control all the juicy middle possibilities that make magic happen! Whether you are playing, training, or exploring kink, (IRL or remote), after this class you will be able to deepen your intensity and connection with partners, clients, and yourself.

“There is no one answer, so bring lots of questions and be prepared to dialogue, practice, and pick the brain of a BDSM “expert”. Learn from my mistakes!”  

All genders, persuasions, etc. NO room for hierarchical mentality, dominant or not. Let’s start 2021  with more intention, care, and excitement!

Dubbed “The Approachable Pervert” by peers, renowned Kink Educator and Dominatrix Eve Minax demystifies BDSM by showing erotic explorers how to be more confident, compassionate, kick ass kinksters! An original advocate and trainer of upcoming Dominatrices, Minax has been acting as the Lead Staff Instructor for the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts since 2002. Intrigued by the psychobiology of BDSM and its potential to heal, Minax has participated on the advisory board with CARAS and TASHRA and continues to study with the latter. Minax is a certified body piercer, sex educator (SFSI 2004),  Urban Tantrika> and >Bondassage practitioner and trainer. With over 100 self-produced videos and shot for well known bondage sites like and
Venmo: @eveminax


November 13:  Raising the intensity: How to take your scenes to the next level
Workshop Description:
  Portia Moon helps you keep things intriguing and fresh in the dungeon! This workshop guides players on how to safely increase intensity in a kink scene. Portia will teach people how to build from one activity to the next, guiding you through a multitude of creative techniques that will aid in intensifying your BDSM scene work. This workshop will leave attendees with lots of ideas to keep your play exciting and their partners on edge, with opportunities to explore consent, roleplay, sensory stimulation, and more. Geared for intermediate to advanced players, but newbies could learn a lot too.

About our presenter:  Domina Portia Moon is a true Bay Area Beauty. Born and raised in Oakland, She’s no stranger to grit, spit, and hustling hard. Domina Portia’s skill set was cultivated through a combination of traditional training and life experience. Her specialties include role-play, intimacy coaching/training, and wrestling. Her brilliant, bubbly style constantly challenges the status quo and renders all who marvel at Her speechless.
IG: @dominaportiamoon
Twitter: @partywithportia 


October 1: Practicing Anti-Racism in kink and BDSM Play Negotiations
Led by Professional Dominatrix, erotic performing artist, and kink and BDSM educator, Mistress Vivienne Vai 

Workshop Description: Practicing anti-racism in kink and BDSM play is necessary to make play safer for BIPOC to engage in and thrive in.  But structural racism can show up in insidious ways in our kink institutions, and play negotiation is one area where it can often cause harm that is overlooked and invisible.  Vivienne will facilitate a discussion and workshop about ways to practice anti-racism in play negotiations, and will also offer some insight into ways that kinky BIPOC players can hone their awareness of their own boundaries and safety needs while navigating kink play spaces and negotiations.”