Erotic Storytelling Hour Archive

The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District is pleased to share some of the erotic, sexy, and funny episodes of our

Erotic Storytelling Hour!

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Our September 14 Storytelling Hour:
With Willow, Daniel Erickson, Skunkheart, Garrett Sohnly, and Special Guest Reader Jessa the Bearded Lady

Our August 31 Storytelling Hour (Back to School Edition):
With Miki Bizet, Dan Erickson, Copper Wolf, and Special Guest Reader Isabella Dollish

Our August 17 Storytelling Hour:
With Frank La, Dominique Leslie, Jessa the Bearded Lady, and Special Guest Reader Penelope Flynn

Our August 3 Storytelling Hour (MANTIS Edition):
With Mollie, Garrett, Sumiko, Dionysia, and Special Guest Reader Hanna Hellcat

Our July 20 Storytelling Hour:
With Beth Bicoastal, Patty Overland, Princess Teacup, Element Eclipse, and Special Guest Reader Jessa The Bearded Lady

Our July 6, Storytelling Hour:
With Willow, Dicey Grenor, Eager Oak, Rubyrose, and Special Guest Reader: Rae Dickinson

Our June 22, Storytelling Hour:
With Oak, Willow, Nella Puddin, Danny Thanh Nguyen, and  Special Guest Reader: Hannah Hellcat

Our June 8, Storytelling Hour:
With Pope Uncommon the Dainty, Eric Mueller, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Scot Hammond, and Special Guest Reader Jessa the Bearded Lady:

Our May 25, Storytelling Hour:
With The Copper Wolf, Dan Erickson, Pope Uncommon the Dainty, Frank La, and Special Guest Reader Ivy Limieux:

Our May 11, Storytelling Hour (Special SF Eagle Edition):
With Eric Mueller, Beth Bicoastal, Tammy LG Hatter, Manny Ojeda, and special guest Hannah Hellcat:

Our April 27, Storytelling Hour (Special SF Goth AIDS Walk Team Edition):
With Dan Erickson, Succubus the Brat, and Special Guest Comedians Mean Dave and Oliver Graves:

Our April 13, Storytelling Hour
With Penelope Flynn, Eager Oak, Nella Puddin, KL Joy, and Special Guest Reader Danny Thanh Nguyen:

Special Bonus Featurette:
“Comes the Goddess”, fully illustrated, read by author and artist Penelope Flynn:

Our March 30, 2021 Storytelling Hour:
with Eric Mueller, Dicey Grenor, Ashley Hurwitz, Danny Thanh Nguyen, and Special Guest Hannah Hellcat:


Our March 16, 2021 Storytelling Hour
with Daniel Erickson, Patty Overland, mrPam, Steve Hayes, and Special Guest “WrathDaddy” James White:

Our March 2, 2021 Storytelling Hour
with Beth Bicoastal, Isabella Dollish, Tara Tanglewood, Eager Oak, and Special Guest KL Joy:

Our February 16, 2021 Storytelling Hour — Black Representation Edition
with Quinton Veal, Valjeanne Jeffers, Sumiko Saulson, and Penelope Flynn
[NOTE:  Ms. Jeffers’ reading was re-recorded due to technical issues.] 


Our February 2, 2021 Storytelling Hour:
With  Ksst, Emily Flummox, Eager Oak, Syringa Vulgaris, and Special Guest Reader: Ivy Limieux

Our January 19, 2021 Storytelling Hour:
With Frank La, Garrett Sohnly, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Element Eclipse, and Special Guest Reader KL Joy 

Our January 5, 2021 Storytelling Hour:
With WL Wisp, Patty Overland, Eager Beaver, Dan Erickson, and Honored Guest Reader Ivy Limieux

Our December 22, 2020 Holiday Party:
Happy holidays!  Here are a few charities to which our Sadistic Santa and his elves invite you to send some holiday cheer:
–  Oakland LGBTQ Center (
–  Nomenus (
–  Transanta (
–  SF K-9 Unit (

Our December 8, 2020 Storytelling Hour:
With Tom Orr, WL Wisp, Valjeanne Jeffers, Quinton Veal, and Penelope Flynn

Our November 24, 2020 Storytelling Hour:
With Frank La, mrPam, Beth Bicoastal, Dan Erickson, and Special Guest Reader Rawiyah Tariq

Our November 10, 2020 Storytelling Hour:
With Dominique Leslie, Kathleen Mahnke, Element Eclipse, Joseph Francis, and Special Guest Reader Danny Thanh Nguyen 

Our October 27, 2020 Storytelling Hour:
With Kathleen Mahnke, Dan Erickson, Joseph Francis, Tristissima Et Alia, and Special Guest Reader ChameLeon (James Leon) 

Our October 13, 2020 Storytelling Hour:
With Dan Erickson, Ev Joy Lokadottir, Sumiko Saulson, Charlie Verrette, and Special Guest Reader Ivy Limieux

Our September 29 Storytelling Hour:
With Ivy Moon, Eager Beaver, Ev Joy Lokadottir, Patty Overland, and Special Guest Reader Dan Nicoletta

Our September 1 Storytelling Hour:
With Dominique Leslie, mrPam, Ev Joy Lokadottir, Tristissima Et Alia, and Special Guest Reader Jewelle Gomez

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