Entrepreneurs Complete Training

As the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District prepares to launch the third cohort of its Entrepreneur Training Program, we thought it would be nice to highlight the folks who completed the 9-week program in Cohorts numbers 1 and 2.

Cohort 1:
Graduated September, 2022

  • Joseph Valliere — Downtown Armor — Rubber gear, ultimately boots and a kink consignment shop.  (facebook, etsy)
  • James Strock — Recreating rubber gear from a new proprietary polymer
  • Jordan Fickel / Patrick Stephenson — BEARPAD  — Art brand celebrating big bodies.  (art, store, instagram)
  • Gloria Polo — Fire Dragon Photography — Leather/Kink photography (facebook, website)
  • Anna Randall and Richard Sprott — TASHRA – The Alternative Sexualties  Health Research Alliance  — improving healthcare services to kinksters (websitefacebook, instagram)

Cohort 2:
Graduated April, 2023

  • Marcos victor de brito puglielli– House of Puglielli — Custom leather design, sculptural, wearble art (website, facebookinstagram)
  • Dr. Zo Marcos Zotigh — Needle Play Acupuncture — Acupuncture Clinic (websitefacebookinstagram)
  • Sumiko Saulson — Mauskaveli — Hand painted wooden paddles, plus jewelry, books and clothing (website, books, facebook)
  • Alejandra Bravo Ducey — Raptrix — Small batch bondage gear for every body (shopinstagramfacebook)
  • Nate Boles — Wylde Honey Productions — Queer erotic artist promotion, production and reproduction
  • Angela Wilson — Cognizant Healing — Intimacy coaching for therapists (website, facebook)
  • Angeli [Daytona] Lata — Murder They Wore — Fetish fashion (website, facebook)
  • Kangcheng Yin — Kuma Club SF –  Gay Bathhouse/Sex Club (facebook)
  • Byrd Bannick — ByrdBeaks — Fabric based queer gear and accessories (websitefacebook)
  • Chris Hughes — Skunkheart — Queer and kinky TTRPG content (facebooklinks)

The District is proud to be able to help leather community folk start and build their businesses.

For more information, or to sign up for Cohort 3, click here.