Vision & Mission Statements

LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District
Vision & Mission Statements

As Approved at the General Community Meeting of March 14, 2018,
Amended at the Facilitated Discussion on June 8, 2019,
And Adopted at the General Community Meeting of July 17, 2019 


The Organization’s vision is to rejoice, commemorate, and protect the contributions of our predecessors, contemporaries, and successors rooted in the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District and its diverse and marginalized peoples. United, we preserve, enhance, and advocate for the continuity and vitality of the Kinky and Queer communities of San Francisco’s LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District.


The specific purpose and mission of the Organization is:

1) To preserve, advance, and promote San Francisco’s LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District as a local, national, and international resource, and as a culturally and commercially enriched neighborhood and district;

2) To strengthen the Leather and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities of San Francisco by bringing together our diverse histories and cultures for ALL persons to enjoy and share;

3) To create an atmosphere of safety, creativity, vitality, and prosperity for present and future Leather and LGBTQ participants, organizations, institutions, and commercial activity.

4) To augment and make sustainable Leather and LGBTQ: housing, healthcare, commerce, community development, cultural resources, and physical spaces.