Leather Contingent Planning Continues

Photo of Leather Contingent in 2022 Pride Parade by David Hyman

All members of the kink community are invited to help plan and march with the Leather Pride Contingent in the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Here are some things you can do to help make the Leather Contingent the high point of the Parade:

    • Like and follow the Leather Contingent Facebook Page.
    • View the training video; it will really help you be a better parader!
    • If you would like to become a Contingent Monitor, then (after you view the video) take the quiz and register to be either a Contingent Monitor or a Wheel Monitor.
      • When you register, use the name “Leather Contingent” and the  Group Code “SFL107“. 

    • Start talking to your friends about the Parade, and get them to commit to joining the Leather Contingent!
    • Sign up as a volunteer:

Sign up for the Leather Contingent

Other things to know:

    • The contingent will be led by five Contingent Marshals:
      • Jason Husted, Male Leather Marshal’
      • Nunca Sola, Female Leather Marshal
      • Star D. Love, Non-binary Leather Marshal
      • AJ Huff, Rubber Marshal
      • Jamal Pup Savage, Pup Marshal
    • The Contingent will also feature:
      • A Whip team led by Danny Nguyen;
      • A Color Guard (contact Cal Callahan for more info);
      • A Sound Truck, with Mark Paladini announcing;
      • The huge Leather Pride Flag, which needs 22 volunteers to carry it;
      • Pony Carts;
      • A convertible auto carrying International Mr. Leather Jamal Herrera-O’Malley and other local leather titleholders
      • A whole lot of enthusiastic marchers having a great time!
    • Volunteers will also be needed on Saturday, June 29, to decorate the truck.
    • Please contact robert@sfbunny.com with questions
    • Remember, if you are going to be a Contingent Monitor, you should BOTH register with Pride, and sign up with the Contingent. 
    • The Leather Contingent will be Group SFL107, but we won’t know our position in the parade until “the last minute”.  Watch the Leather Contingent Facebook Page for info on when and where to show up.   

See you at the parade!