Artists Roster (older version)

The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District is compiling a roster of artists and and artisans in all media – including craftspeople, performers, musicians,  writers – who live, work, exhibit or perform in the District, or whose creative work reflects the culture of the queer, kinky and/or leather community.

View our catalog here (if you are age 18+):

LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural Catalog

Artists in all media are urged to submit their contact information, a description of their work, and additional materials for inclusion.

Artists may choose to simply be listed by name, with basic contact information, or include either samples or links to samples or pages displaying their work.  In some cases we may prepare a separate page featuring their work.  We will be able to present graphic or video files in all standard Web-friendly formats, subject to any technical or legal limitations.  (So please submit nothing involving human trafficking or children, and nothing violating anyone else’s copyright, reputation, or privacy.)

This LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural Catalog will be available to all visitors to our Web site (ages 18+), and we expect it will be used to recruit artists and performers for a variety of exhibitions, events, commissions and other projects.  Artists are welcome and encouraged to share the link to their featured page.  We believe this may be particularly useful for artists who wish to display their adult or leather-themed work separately from their other public portfolios.

Graphic artists are encouraged to take appropriate precautions (e.g. steganographic fingerprinting, watermarks, lowered resolution, etc.) to prevent the graphic samples on our Web site from undermining the value of their original artwork.

Please write to if you have problems with the form, need to submit your materials in a different way, or to discuss.