Golden Dildeaux Awards

For info about the 2024 Golden Dildeaux Awards, click here.

Yes, the Woodies are back!

Vote now for your friends (or enemies) to receive the Golden Gate Guards’ famous Golden Dildeaux Awards.

These humorous awards are intended to poke fun at various sexual activities while at the same time providing a unique charity fundraising opportunity.  The way it works is simple:

    • Between now and April 22, 2021, go to and vote!
    • There are 25 Nomination categories, including “Best Looking Ass (the Golden Globes Award)”, “Best Impact Bottom (the Red Tail Award)”, “Best Novice Player (the Rookie Award)”, and lots more.
    • Each vote costs $1, with the proceeds going to the Emergency Financial Assistance fund of the Positive Resource Center (PRC).
    • You may cast as many votes as you wish for as many candidates as you wish, even in the same category.
    • Then, on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 7 PM Pacific Time, attend the 49th Golden Dildeaux Awards, online live on Zoom, with Masters of Ceremonies Star D. Love (Ms. San Francisco Leather 2016) and Cody Elkin (Mr. San Francisco Leather 2016).
    • So join the fun, and let’s see who gets a Woody!

Vote now!