Golden Dildeaux Awards

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The candidates were exposed at our Nominations Reveal Party on March 16.
Check out some fun event pictures. 
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Golden Dildeaux Award Nominees: 1. The TOP of Them All... (The "They Who MUST BE OBEYED" Award) Domina Atua Leo Peralta Marilyn Hollinger Sir Hex Sumiko Saulson Mauskaveli ________________________________________ 2. Best in RUBBER... (The "Slippery When Wet" Award) AJ Huff Austin LaCrosse Rush Stephen Cesaro ________________________________________ 3. BEST LOOKING ASS in the Bay Area... (The "Full Moon" Award) Ariel Sky Ivy Limieux Joshua Munoz Manny Ojeda Pony (Marc Owens) ________________________________________ 4. QUEEREST OF THE QUEER... (The "Over the Rainbow" Award) Byrd Bannick Eric Press Jack Stehn Staci Everheart Star D ________________________________________ 5. Best PUPPY HANDLER... (The "FETCH!" Award) Alpha Pup Mark Hankins Alpha Pup Savage aka Jamal Mama Kat Nunca Sola Tim Pupsker Kiss ________________________________________ 6. FIERCEST FEMME... (The "Sexy Siren" Award) Alecia Burley Marilyn Hollinger Michele Horn Davis Raquela Singer Reika Minixie ________________________________________ 7. Best LEATHER FASHIONISTA... (The "Brazen Runway" Award) Jawn Marques Jessamy Barker Jose Fabulosa Flores Kara Plaxa Troy Brunet ________________________________________ 8. Your FAVORITE SILVER FOX... (The "Hot Daddy" Award) Cal Callahan Dandy Buckley Jim Stokes Kevin Harding-Toy Race Bannon ________________________________________ 9. Best IMPACT PLAYER-BOTTOM... (The "Black & Blue" Award) Eric See Kayla Jennings Pup Jake Robert Callbeck Tammy Lg Hatter ________________________________________ 10. The HOTTEST CIGAR SMOKER... (The "Smoke Ring" Award) Graylin Thornton Marc Pony Owens Race Bannon Ray DeRenzis ________________________________________ 11. GOLDEN SHOWER Lover... (The "Fire Hydrant" Award) David Hayes David Hyman Staci Everheart Tim Pupskers Kiss ________________________________________ 12. Most VERSATILE Player... (The "Orange Hankie" Award) Madame Madora Stephen Cesaro Steve Ibarra Val Langmuir ________________________________________ 13. Best CUDDLE BEAR... (The "Honey Pot" Award) Aaron Cruz Badger Daniel Huggybear Cherry Patrick Stephenson BEARPAD Zeke Lopez ________________________________________ 14. Best BOOTBLACK... (The "Spit Shine" Award) Innocent Micky Ordaz Sky Russell zander- Bootblack ________________________________________ 15. Biggest PIG... (The "Hole Hog" Award) David Hyman Devin Musiol Pig Zero Tonka ________________________________________ 16. HORSE HUNG Stud... (The "Dick of Death" Award) AJ Huff Andre Steens Graylin Thornton Logan Hawke FF Steve Geist ________________________________________ 17. Best PUPPY... (The "Best in Show" Award) Alpha Pup Savage Pup Agera Pup Jake Pup Jingles Pup Loadz ________________________________________ 18. BUTCHEST WOMAN... (The "Serious Swagger" Award) Dandy Buckley Myra Krantz Nunca Sola Rio Spooner Val Langmuir ________________________________________ 19. NOVICE PLAYER of the Year... (The "Rookie" Award) Daniel Snow Louis Milne Paul Elterlein Raquel Strat ________________________________________ 20. Favorite BARE CHEST CALENDAR Guy ... (The "Man of the Month" Award) Ben Perez Ces Reg Manny Ojeda Marco Mania Sam Wren ________________________________________ 21. Best Power FISTING-BOTTOM... (The "Golden Gape" Award) Alex Seidel Kevin Stone Luis Strobe Canales Tammy Lg Hatter Tim Pupskers Kiss ________________________________________ 22. Best INSTIGATOR... (The "Troublemaker" Award) Badger Ben Perez Drew Ward Kelly Rivera Hart Zack Attack Sanderson ________________________________________ 23. Best Drag or Burlesque Performer... (The "Big Slay" Award) Ariel Sky Jamie D Bauchery Newonce Sadie Payne Suppositori Spelling ________________________________________ 24. BEST SEX in the Bay Area... (The "Orgasmatron" Award) Austin LaCrosse Lincoln Anderson Pup Loadz Reika Minxie


The Party also featured a special performance by Mary Vice!
  • Voting is now open! 
  • Voting is open until 5 pm on Thursday, April 25.
  • Votes are $1 apiece, benefiting the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District, helping to keep SOMA Kinky and Queer!
  • All voting is online, and unlimited!
  • Vote early!  Vote often! 
  • Standings released on Wednesdays.

Attend the Awards Presentation!

The Awards Ceremony happens on Saturday,  April 27, from 6 to 8 pm, at the SF Eagle.  See who wins and can claim bragging rights! 

Remember: Hollywood stars get an Oscar.  SOMA stars get a Woody!  

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