Board Elected

At the Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District Community Meeting on August 21, 2019, nine individuals were elected as the initial Board of Directors, and Bob Goldfarb was elected President.  At the Board’s meeting, on August 24, 2019, the remaining officers were elected.  The full Board list is thus as follows:

  • Bob Goldfarb (Bob.Goldfarb@sflcd), Three years, President
  • Bob Brown (Bob.Brown@sflcd), Two years, Vice-President
  • Eric See (Eric.See@sflcd), One year, Secretary
  • York Ng (York.Ng@sflcd), Two years, Treasurer
  • David Hyman (David.Hyman@sflcd), Three years
  • Erik Will (Erik.Will@sflcd), Two years
  • Gayle Rubin (Gayle.Rubin@sflcd), Three years
  • Stephan Ferris (Stephan.Ferris@sflcd), One year
  • Steve Gaynes (Steve.Gaynes@sflcd), One year


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