LCD Executive Director Appointed

 The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District is pleased to announce that Bob Goldfarb, President of the District, has been offered and has accepted the new position of District Executive Director. As such, he has resigned from his seat on the Board of Directors, which he has held since 2019.

Goldfarb’s move from the Board of Directors to an executive staff position necessitated other moves within the Board. To that end, the new roster of Board officers includes:

  • Bob Brown (formerly Vice President) has been elected President
  • Eric See has been elected to serve as both Vice President and Secretary
  • Val Langmuir will remain as Treasurer

The Board will appoint another member to the vacant seat to serve the remainder of the term.

Board President Bob Brown observed, “I look forward to continuing to work with Bob Goldfarb, in our new capacities, in continuing to preserve our heritage, expand our branding, and provide economic development for existing and new businesses in the coming year.  We’ve had a successful year and there is much more to come.”

You can reach Bob via email at either or ( also works).  Mail sent to will now go to Bob Brown, with other addresses redirecting as appropriate.  Please see for full details.

For more information, contact,