Leather Community Responds to COVID-19

Leather, queer, and kink communities around the world are responding the the COVID-19 crisis.  Click here for a frequently-updated document about the San Francisco kink community’s response, containing important information and links to other valuable resources.

In particular, numerous funds have been set up to help members of our community who are affected, either physically or economically.  Examples are the SF Queer Nightlife Fund (https://sfqueernightlifefund.org/) and the Bay Area Leather Lifeline (https://ball.leatheralliance.org), as well as Patreon and GoFundMe pages for various businesses and their employees.

Donations of any amount, to any of these funds, are deeply appreciated.  Try to imagine how much you are saving by not going out for dinner and a show, not going to bars and clubs, not using taxis or car services to get home, and not travelling to leather events in other cities.  Please give what you can afford.  Thanks!