Blow Buddies Closes Permanently

As reported on their Web site, on Hoodline, and in the Bay Area Reporter, Blow Buddies will not be reopening after the pandemic.  The club, which opened on August 8, 1988 and saw its last guests on March 15, 2020, will be much missed by many in our community.  As the Web page says, “The club was created in response to one virus and done in by another.”

It joins Watergarden, the San Jose bathhouse which recently closed after 43 years of operation, a victim of both the cost of being closed, and the uncertainty about when they might return to normal.  A Bay Area Reporter article on that closing can be found here.

Many have noted the irony that San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is now poised to approve a policy change which should make it easier for a bathhouse to operate in the city, removing both the mandate for inspections and the ban on locking doors.  See  the full Board resolution and supporting materials here.

See the BAR article here. The full board voted unanimously to approve the policy change at the first reading on July 21, and is expected to vote for final approval at the second reading on July 28. The city’s Department of Public Health will have until January 1, 2021 to adopt the changes called for in the ordinance.