Eagle Plaza Progress

Eagle Plaza, showing landscaping in progress

Eagle Plaza continues to move forward towards completion:  the final step should be the landscaping for the eastern side of 12th Street.  Two large trees and several smaller ones — including Australian WIllows, Sunburst Honey Locust, and Mimosa Trees — stand ready for planting, which is scheduled for the coming week.  Once the landscaping is complete, and the construction materials removed, folks from the SOMA West Community Benefit District and HQ (the housing project at 1532 Harrison Street) can take over maintenance of the space, including setting out chairs and tables to make the space a welcoming oasis.

Although a date has not been announced for the reopening of the SF Eagle Bar, it has been confirmed that the large Leather Pride Flag, which had been showing signs of premature fraying, has been returned to its maker for repair and reinforcement.  We look forward to seeing it flying over the Plaza very soon.