Leather Contingent Planned for Parade

Photo of Leather Contingent in 2022 Pride Parade by David HymanThe Leather Contingent for the 2023 pride Parade on June 25 is now being organized by Robert Makowka, taking over from Jason Husted who has coordinated it for many years.

All members of the kink community are invited to join the contingent and march in the Parade in their proudest gear.

At least 14 volunteers will be needed to act as Contingent Monitors, and the training video for the parade is now available.  If you wish to volunteer, you must watch the video at:

The contingent name to use is:
The contingent code is:
Everyone is encouraged to view the video and register.
A virtual training session will be held on Friday June 9th at 6pm:
Friday, June 9 at 6 PM.  Join at https://meet.google.com/zsj-ukoy-cme.
A Beer Bust was held at the SF Eagle on June 4, raising funds to pay contingent expenses, and to select the Leather Marshals for the Parade.  This year’s Leather Marshals will be Mark Hankins Jr., Reika Minxie, and Austin James.   
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