Arts Commission Grants Offered

Here’s a valuable tip for local artists:

Robynn Takayama, of the San Francisco Arts Commission, has let us know that the Commission is accepting applications from San Francisco residents who have lived in SF continuously for two years and have a project in visual art, literary art, or media art. These grants are for individual artists in literary arts, media arts, and visual arts. The application deadline is Nov. 8 at noon.

There will be a workshop to learn about applying one of these grants, courtesy of the SOMA Pilipinas cultural district.  Lian Ladia, the SFAC Ambassador in SOMA Pilipinas, is organizing a grant writing circle to support artists and arts organizations who are working on SFAC applications, both within SOMA Pilipinas and from the other Cultural Districts!

The “SFAC Grant Writing Circle” will review the SFAC application process and documentation, and will discuss helpful tips for your application-writing process.  The Circle will meet on Monday, October 22, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at the BAYANIHAN Center, 1010 Mission.  Please RSVP to Lian at, as space is limited to 15 people.

Thank you SOMA Pilipinas for your leadership!

Leather Cutural District Vote Gets Major Coverage

The resolution to create a Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District in the South of Market neighborhood passed its first reading by the Board of Supervisors unanimously, with some nice comments from Supervisors Kim and Ronen.  (Video here, 0:06:30 through 0:08:40).

There was extensive press coverage of this achievement, both locally and nationally:  Articles by Janie Har of the Associated Press (here and here) were both picked up widely, including by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Reporting by Carolyn Tyler was shown on ABC 7 News on Tuesday evening and there was a follow-up story in the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday.  A story by Joshua Sabatini in the San Francisco Examiner is already receiving some thoughtful comments. There’s also a fun write-up in  Pink News (World Edition)., and another in London’s Gay Star NewsKTVU Fox News‘ Rob Roth did a report as well.  An article by Brock Keeling appeared in the “Curbed” Web site.   

After the resolution creating the District was was signed by the Mayor on May 9, 2018, there was additional coverage:  An article about Cultural Districts, including ours, appeared in the Chronicle on May 21, 2018, and can be viewed here.

Finally, a wonderful story on the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District was broadcast recently on KPIX 5, with great interviews and powerful comments.  Definitely worth viewing: find it here.


Sunday Streets Is Coming To Folsom!

“Sunday Streets SOMA” will take over Folsom Street this Sunday, stretching from a kiddy hub below 2nd Street to the Leather Hub from 8th to 10th Street.

OK, what is this “Sunday Streets” thing?  It’s a series of free, fun events empowering local communities to transform 1-4 miles of car-congested streets into car-free community spaces for kids to play, seniors to stroll, organizations to connect, and neighbors to meet.  You can read all about it at no cars, and no outside vendors or fundraisers; just local community folks doing their thing.

And for the August 19 event, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District have each agreed to “adopt” the intersections of 9th and Folsom and 8th and Folsom respectively, sending out our volunteers to greet and welcome locals and visitors alike, offer them information and entertainments of various kinds, and let them know that we are a part of the neighborhood and the community.

The Leather Hub will be bursting with activity:  country/western dance lessons with the Sundance Association, flag dancing with the folks from Flagging in the Park; an HIV/STI testing truck courtesy of the UCSF Alliance Health Project; a puppy mosh by the K9 Unit; guests from the Imperial Court  of Tamales con Pollo; bootblacking by the SF Bay Area BootLab, a whip-cracking demo; a Shibari demo, music with DJ Barbara Steele; and booths hosted by the Bay Area Rope Club, the Huckleberry Youth Programs, the LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition, and the Friends of Eagle Plaza!

This is a permitted event, so clothing may be considered optional, and we invite folks in the Leather Hub to stop by the SOMA Guardians’ clothes check table at the corner of Folsom and Dore to better enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

[Note:  please do be thoughtful and considerate of the feelings of our neighbors, and avoid provocative or outrageous garb or behavior.  We want to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood in an inclusive and welcoming way. And remember, folks:  nudity does not give consent to be touched or photographed. Thanks!]

And of course all our local queer and kinky businesses and organizations will be invited to take part in various ways:  some organizations may just provide a banner or a stack of organizational brochures, businesses along the Folsom Street route may have their own outposts in the street, there may even be a “passport stamping” promotion involving local businesses.

All in all, it will be great fun, and also a great way to boost the visibility of — and support for — the new Cultural District among our South of Market neighbors and other San Francisco residents and visitors. 

But it will take lots of people helping to make this event happen.  First and foremost we need a whole bunch of volunteers to be our “Intersection Troops”  — you can sign up to volunteer here, and be sure to include your t-shirt size and indicate that you want to be part of the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District troop!

Next, the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance will be having an information table, displaying banners and offering brochures, flyers or swag of any kind from the Alliance and its member organizations.  You can sign up to sit at this table here — past and present leather community titleholders are particularly invited to sign up for this!

And of course the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District will also have an information table, offering information and encouraging folks to sign up for the mailing list on an available tablet.  You can sign up to sit at this table here .  (Please be sure you sign up for the table you want to sit at!

By the way, if you are a local Leather, kink, or LGBTQ business or organization, please consider getting us a banner we can display, and/or a big stack of flyers, brochures, or fun & kinky swag we can give away at the informational table.   

To coordinate any of this, or to chat about other ways we can make this event a success, please write to DavidHyman “at” leatheralliance “dot” org or Jeff Jelsma at jeff “at” livablecity “dot” org.

See you on the street!

G Suite is Here

As you may have heard, our District has been granted a free G-Suite account. (Thanks again go to our friends at the Leather Alliance for helping make this happen.)

Our G-Suite includes a full gmail services (with up to 500 email accounts for, a secure site for our documents (Google Drive), and many other collaboration and productivity apps.

We urge you to get started with our new GSuite as soon as possible.  Yes, having yet another separate email account to check can be a nuisance, but we will do our best to make it easy and painless for you. Note that folks will still be able to see meeting announcements and view linked documents on this Web site, but only GSuite users will be able to easily create new documents, or find older shared documents in their own Goggle Drive. So, how to proceed?  First, send an email to, requesting a GSuite account and telling us the name you would like to use.  By default, email addresses will be set up as, but if you have a preferred handle (something that you are actually known by), we are happy to set you up as instead. We will reply to your email request with an email from “The G Suite Team” with a “reset password” link — click on the link to set your password and you’re in! You will want to set up the new account on your computer and/or your phone.  Most folks will want to simply browse to ““, but any email program should allow you to add a “gmail” type of account.  If you already use Gmail, click on the image in the upper right and then on “Add account”.  All you should need is your address and your new password. Adding us on your phone can sometimes be trickier.  We recommend that you add the new account as an account on the phone — not just as another account within your email app.  (This may make it easier for you to add the Google Drive and other apps as needed.)  Just add it as a “Google” type of account.  You should not be required to make any security changes to your phone or create a “workspace” for it. If the idea of actually having an extra email account to check bothers you, just log into it once, and choose Settings | All Settings | “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and “Add a forwarding address” to send all future incoming email to your primary email account. Documents! Next, if you don’t already have Google Drive working on both your computer and smartphone, we would strongly encourage installing it.  If you already have it, you will need to launch it and then click on the icon in the upper right and change to (or add) the new GSuite account.  We will be sharing new documents with you through your identity, so look for these files in the “Shared with me” folder, and if you don’t see them, double-check that you are logged into the GSuite account. That should get you started.  Please do let us know if you have problems using any of this stuff.  We aren’t exactly the Tech Squad, but we would happy to help.  You can reach us at, or