LeatherWalk Schedule

LeatherWalk 2023
Sunday, September 17


10:30 am:  Volunteer Setup at Civic Center Plaza
11:00 am:  Walkers gather at City Hall on Polk St. / receive free LeatherWalk 2023 pin
11:10 am:  Program Starts
11:25 am:  Program ends.  Form up.
11:30 noon:  Step off
12:00 pm:  Arrive at Oasis
12:15:  Depart
12:25:  Arrive at Hole in the Wall / Powerhouse / Azúcar Lounge / Folsom Street Community Center  
12:45:  Depart
12:55 pm:  Arrive at Leather Etc. 
1:15:  Depart
1:25 pm:  Arrive at Mr. S Leather / Ringold Leather History Walk
1:45 pm:  Blessing of the Leathers at the Ringold Leather History Monument (Ringold and 9th Street)
2:00 pm:  Depart
2:10 pm:  Arrive at Lone Star Saloon
2:25 pm:  Depart
2:30 pm:  Arrive at SF Eagle and the Leather Pride Festival

Schedule subject to change.  Watch our social media posts for updates, entertainment, discounts, specialty beverages, and more!

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