Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District


Where is the LCD?

Our Cultural District is in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco, roughly bounded by Seventh Street, Howard Street, and the 101 and I-80 freeways.  Map

The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District (“LCD”) is also a 501(c)3 organization, whose membership elects its Board.

What is the relationship between the LCD and other organizations?

The LCD is a fiscally sponsored project of SOMArts.  That means they handle all our financial transactions, including reporting to the City and other funding entities.  The paid staff of the LCD are formally employees of SOMArts.  

The LCD works closely with the SOMA/West Community Benefit District.  We share goals like invigorating the neighborhood and keeping the streets safe and clean.  But we are entirely separate organizations.

The Friends of Eagle Plaza (“FoEP”) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that (unofficially, for now) is responsible for activation and management of Eagle Plaza — the 1/3 block of 12th Street north of Harrison.    The LCD has one seat on the Board of the FoEP, along with six other entities, and the person in that seat is, as it happens, both the Executive Director of the LCD and the President of the FoEP.  But we are entirely separate organizations.

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is a non-profit organization that, like the LCD, cares about the local queer and kinky community.  Its Board includes both individuals and organizations.  None of its current Board members overlap with the Board of the LCD.

The organization known as Folsom Street is best known for producing the Folsom Street Fair and the Up Your Alley Fair.  Recently, they began operating a Community Center, which serves the kinky community in many ways.  The LCD has worked with Folsom Street on many projects, and has used their Center for events.  But we are separate organizations.

The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) provides annual funding for all of the 8+ Cultural Districts in San Francisco.  Those grant funds require the LCD to meet a number of strict requirements. (For example, our Board meetings are publicly announced and open to all, and are held in ADA compliant locations.)  The MOHCD also mandates that the LCD prepare something called a CHHESS Report, which provides guidance to the City about how they can best meet our community’s needs over the next few years.

The LCD strives to have good and supportive relationships with the many businesses that serve the LCD’s geographic neighborhood, and especially their queer and kinky patrons.  (Some are listed here, and shown on our map of the District here.)   The LCD does not receive money from those businesses, although some of their owners have run for and been elected to serve on the LCD Board.

The LCD also works to promote and publicize the activities of the many clubs and organizations that serve local kinksters.  (Some are listed here.)  Although, not surprisingly, our Board members are often members of these groups, the LCD does not, generally, evaluate or endorse those organizations or the individuals in them, or take responsibility for their opinions or actions.


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