Folsom Streetscape Project

SFMTA wants your input about the upcoming work on Folsom Street; answer their survey here:


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) aims to improve walking, biking, and taking public transit on Folsom Street from 2nd to 11th streets. The Folsom Streetscape Project includes the following transportation safety improvements:

  1. Bicycling infrastructure improvements – two-way separated bikeway protected by a concreate island, traffic and bicycle signals, travel lane reduction of generally three and four travel lanes to two eastbound vehicle travel lanes with a transit only lane, resurfaced roadway, and protected intersections.
  2. Pedestrian infrastructure improvements – raised crosswalks, curb ramps, sidewalk bulb-outs and midblock signals, traffic signal upgrades, ADA compliant passenger loading zones with wheelchair ramps, and street and pedestrian level lighting.
  3. Civic Amenity Zones – new trees, planters, street furniture, decorative crosswalks at alleys, and historic plaques; 5. Muni service and infrastructure improvements, which include new transit boarding islands and bus shelters.
  4. Upgraded stormwater infrastructure and utilities – includes landscaping that captures stormwater runoff.

Watch the Folsom Streetscape Project video and read the SFMTA blog post to understand more about the project.

The SFMTA is anticipating construction to begin for the Folsom Streetscape Project in the next few months and the project is planning an open house and tabling event in late April and early May to provide more information about the construction phase. Please view the Construction FAQs and subscribe to project updates to stay informed about the upcoming community engagement events and more.

The project team has also deployed ambassadors to connect with businesses along Folsom Street. If you are a business on Folsom Street or along the side streets of Folsom and you haven’t had a chance to fill out the survey, please do so at

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