Nominee Toolkit

So you have been nominated for a Golden Dildeaux Award.  Congratulations!

That is, assuming that you actually want to win the award.  Do you?  Of course you do!

But winning the award doesn’t just happen.  Oh, sure you could hock that Picasso and plunge it all into a last-minute vote splurge.  You would win, and the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District would be extremely grateful.

But let’s imagine that you want to win using OTHER people’s votes (and money).

Here are a few suggestions and tools to help you persuade your friends — and even strangers — that you deserve their votes.

  • Make sure you know the number and full name of the award you want to win.  (For example “Award #5. the “FETCH!” Award for Best Puppy Handler”.)  Use these when asking for votes, to make it easy for your friends to find you on the ballot.
  • The optimum page to send your potential voters to is “”.  But if they simply browse to “” they will get there eventually.
  • Here is a QR code to show your friends; it will take them directly to the voting page.  Download this image, print it out, and carry it around to show folks:
  • You can very cheaply order (or print your own) business cards, and use them to invite your acquaintances to vote for you.  Include the QR code!  You’ll look very professional.
  • Make sure you know the cause that we are raising money for. The LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District is
    • a 501(c)3 charity;
    • the world’s first city-recognized LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District;
    • working hard to keeping South of Market SF kinky and queer.
  • If you want to really impress people, read up on the work of the Cultural District, and the history of the GDAs, just in case folks ask.
  • Put your appeal on Social Media.  Here are a few graphics you can download and share to give your post more pizazz:
  • Add one of these graphic frames to a selfie, and make it your temporary Portrait on Facebook and other social media.
  • If you belong to some Groups (e.g. on Fetlife or Facebook) that seem relevant to the award category, post your appeal for votes there.
    • But please be careful when posting to “family friendly” social media.  Even just an accurate depiction of the Award could get you in trouble.
  • Write a short clever email asking for votes, and send it to appropriate friends, Google groups, etc.  Be sure to include the voting url and essential details.
  • Organize a “Get Out the Vote” party.  Invite your friends, and go around and help each one to navigate the voting interface.  Provide refreshments!
  • Take a picture of your mantlepiece, bookshelf, or dungeon wall, showing the exact empty spot where your Award will go.  Appeal to your friends to help you fill that spot.  Play on their heartstrings.
  • When someone offers to buy you a drink, tell them you would rather have their votes.
  • If all else fails, take out a line of credit, a second mortgage, or a payday loan, and vote for yourself!