To help our LeatherWalk community to connect with each other, we’re collaborating with Bloom Community.

Bloom is a kinky and queer social, community, and events app that helps people meet around events. This means you can:

  • Scope who’s going to LeatherWalk  
  • Make new friends & more 
  • Enjoy life amidst community, like it was meant to be!  

We invite you to download the Bloom app into your iOS or Android phone, then join the LeatherWalk event to connect and chat with other attendees. To do this:

  1. Download Bloom Community with referral code leatherwalk-2022-323
  2. Sign up for LeatherWalk
  3. Scroll down and review the folks who have RSVP’d for the event.
  4. “Bud” the people on the list who you want to chat with. When the “Bud” is mutual, you’ll be notified and can chat via the app
  5. Check back to see who joins after you!

See you over there!